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CACI Treatments

I have worked with CACI machines for my entire career. CACI has been voted the UK’s most effective anti –ageing Treatment in Professional Beauty Magazine Surveys, attracting an impressive celebrity following and are often described as the ‘red carpet beauty secret’.

CACI’s non - Surgical Facial Toning is an advanced non-invasive facial with years of medical research behind it.

Microcurrent impulses will lift and tone the facial muscles and the neck area, whilst improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This gives more youthful fresh appearance and glow.

CACI Treatments

CACI Signature Treatment - 60 minutes - £47.00
Recommended Couse of ten £420.00

CACI Jowl lift - 30 minutes - £25.00
Course of ten £220.00

Jowl Lift as an upgrade to Signature Treatment
- 15 minutes - £15.00



Advanced treatments

CACI Eye Revive uses serum filled CACI microcurrent rollers together with a nourishing Hydro Eye Mask to lift hooded eye lids, reduce puffiness and dark circles and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

CACI Eye Revive - 30 minutes - £30.00
Course of ten £270.00

Eye Revive as upgrade to Signature Treatment
- 15 minutes - £15.00

CACI Hydratone treatment takes just 15 minutes to perform, providing intensive skin hydration and face firming. Combining active Hydratone rollers (to help restore muscle tone and firmness) with the Hydra Mask. The mask contains collagen, hyaluronic acid and rose water to nourish, calm and soothe. Add to your Signature treatment when needed.

Hydratone Treatment - 15 minutes - £15.00


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