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Dermalogica, Environ Skincare, Advance Nutrition Programme and Jane Iredale Makeup

Dermalogica Skincare

A skincare system researched and developed by the International Dermal Institute.

Launched in 1986 when beauty was more important than skin health. Frilly products acted more as trendy accessories than tools for skin health. Dermalogica delivered innovation through real research, real ingredients and real results.

Dermalogica still turns heads for innovative products and treatments that work. Dermalogica devotees turn heads for truly amazing skin that is beautiful inside and out. This company is a great partner for me and since 2003 they have offered me constant support and continued training so that I can get results for you.

Environ Skincare

I have stocked these professional only products since 2002 and I regularly invest in ongoing training with them at The International Institute for Anti Ageing in London.

The Environ philosophy is to provide proven, cutting edge technology and sound skin science principles, thus creating skincare for men, women and children from youth to maturity encompassing all skin types and ethnicities.

Dr Des Fernandes the founder of Environ skincare became interested in the physiology of skin cancer and the skin following the untimely deaths of two young patients due to melanoma. Dr Fernandes was a pioneer in the field of Vitamin A use for sun damaged skin and one of the first to use Vitamin a in high enough doses to ensure a genuine, visible effect on the skin. He went on to create a skincare range that would maintain healthy skin, especially as the incidence of sun-related skin disorders grows worldwide. The scientifically proven efficacy of the products makes it a favourite amongst those in the know.





Advanced Nutrition Programme

Feeding skin from within these high quality supplements can have a role to play in helping to ensure daily intake and support a healthy, radiant complexion.

When it comes to healthy skin what you put inside the body can be as important as what you apply topically. Advanced Nutrition Programme products can be combined to effectively target skin health.

Jane Iredale

Nurture your beauty with Minerals. Quality Formulas with skincare benefits.

Once you try this Mineral Make up you will never go back ordinary make up.

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