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Nathalie's Success Story

"I started going to Louise for Caci about 14 years ago, when I was 32. I had not been living in Nottingham for very long so I didn't know many people.


I developed Bells Palsy( for the second time,the first time I was struck with it I was 21.) The second time it happened to me was quite severe and very noticeable. My face on one side had dropped, I had a speach impediment as I was unable to speak properly because of this and I had to use lubricant eye drops as I couldn't blink and at night I had to physically hold my eye shut to go to sleep as I was unable to do this naturally. 


My father, who is a pharmacist told me about CACI and how it could possible help me as it was originally used on stroke patients and the Doctors noticed that it helped stimulate muscle recovery. So I started to phone around different beauticians who advertised CACI and asked if they would treat only the affected side of my face. 


It wasn't until I called Louise, who was working at Beauty at the Bridge within Trent Bridge cricket ground that I struck gold. I left Louise a message explaining my predicament and within the hour she called me back and said she would love to help me. All the other beauticians I had called previously were only interested in selling me a course and would not accommodate me! 


Louise Sumner 04 10 14 133 RT2 


So there my journey began, I started going weekly and it helped me so much. Louise was genuinely so caring and delighted as the weeks went by that my face was responding so well to the treatment. 


Once the Bells Palsy had gone, I continued with the Caci and we then did both sides of my face. To this day I still have a Caci every 4-6 weeks religiously and every time before we start Louise always asks me how my face has been! She is such a genuinely caring lady. Her expertise has grown too as she is constantly learning about new treatments and products. I trust her completely. 


As I have got older I have started to suffer from hyper pigmentation on my forehead , years of travelling, too much sun and possibly hormones. Louise started me on the Environ program and I can honestly say my skin has never been better. My pigmentation is hardly noticeable and I receive so many compliments from friends and strangers! I used to model for 16 years so I know my stuff too, but I will always trust and listen to Louise's advice as she is my beauty guru!! 


I have recommended many friends to Louise and they all now love me more because of it! As they are thrilled with their results from various different treatments they have and continue to receive. So now, after all these years not only is my skin glowing but I have the honour of saying that Louise is my friend. She is so passionate about herjob and so lovely with it too".


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