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Jayne's Success Story

"For nearly 10 years I have had both the huge benefit and the pleasure of Louise’s expert facial techniques. She offers her clients a truly bespoke service with empathy and professionalism, this combined with her depth of product knowledge and magic fingers that achieve great results are a true testament to her expertise.


I personally, have more reason to be thankful to Louise as just over 2 years ago she identified what I had assumed was a white, waxy blemish on my face but her insistence that I seek a medical diagnosis resulted in the early treatment of a basel cell carcinoma. After undergoing Moh’s surgery and facial reconstruction, I knew I was in safe hands with Louise who expertly massaged my face and helped me to rebuild my confidence with her understanding and especially her good humour.


I simply cannot recommend Louise highly enough".


Louise Sumner Skincare & Beauty Expert Client Testimonial - Jayne


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